Farewell to our Editor

Jeff Johns

Our wonderful GO PUBLIC Editor

One month before our May 8, 2012 filming date, we made the wise decision to hire Jeff Johns as, not only one of our field directors, but also as the editor for the GO PUBLIC feature film.   From the get go, Jeff had an ability to handle whatever we threw his way quickly and efficiently, always with a helpful, open and positive attitude.

On Tuesday, March 19th, we bid a fond farewell to Jeff.  Jeff’s dream has always been to be a visual journalist and to travel the world working to give a voice to the voiceless and share the stories he encounters wherever he goes.  After 2 years in Los Angeles, he is following his dream.  He and his traveling companion, Marina, have relocated to Thailand.

The GO PUBLIC Project would not have gone nearly as smoothly, nor been nearly as enjoyable, if not for Jeffs’ talent and professionalism.  He handled so much, with such grace.  Here’s a short list of what he accomplished from April 2012 – March 12, 2013.

  • Pre-production technical support
  • Created submission guidelines for all the crews
  • Technical support for all 50 crews over the past year
  • Ingestion, conversion, transcoding, organizing, color coding of all 350+ hours of footage
  • Reviewing, labeling, tagging of all media
  • Thumbnail gathering of all 50 teams for the website and exporting of all 50 films for the web
  • Editing of 51 teasers for the web
  • Technical support for the website launch of the 50 short films on August 15, 2012
  • Training a new assistant editor to edit all the interview clips for the GO PUBLIC Voices section of our website
  • Rough cut edits (selects) of the entire documentary for each time section of the day
  • Edit of first and second rough cuts of the feature film
  • Test screening exports of assembly and rough cut edits
  • Export all media needed for film festivals, meetings, lectures
  • General technical support and FCP training of the new editor who will finish editing the feature film

It takes a committed, passionate team to move a film from concept to reality and Jeff has been a critical member of our team. We are so very thankful to have shared a large part of this journey with him.   You can follow Jeff and Marinas’ adventure by visiting their website.