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Esmeralda Cerezo

Esmeralda Cerezo is a single mother of four. She volunteers every day at the Healthy Start center at Madison Elementary, where her youngest two children go to school. Though Esmeralda is tattooed and tough-looking, she is a kind, involved mom who hopes to inspire her children to go […]

David Gieselman and Teresa Totaro

Teresa Totaro teaches 2nd grade at McKinley K-8 school. Her son, David Gieselman, also attends McKinley Рand is in the second grade. McKinley K-8 Director: Beth Block

Adrienne D. Lett

Adrienne Lett is the president of the ahtletic booster club at Muir High School, where her children attend and her teen-aged daughter plays softball. Ms. Lett realizes the importance of being involved in her childrens’ lives, and hopes to convince other parents to support the team as well. […]

Jodie West

Jodie teaches science to Kindergarten through 5th grade at Washington Accelerated Elementary School. She is a self-proclaimed “bit of a nerd” and considers all her students budding engineers. Jodie is also a mom to twin 5 year old boys who attend Washington and an 18 month old boy. […]

Felix Lopez

Custodian Felix Lopez is the hardest working guy at Washington Middle School. As a child, poverty kept Mr. Lopez from finishing school. Now, he’s a mentor to the students at Washington, and attempts to give his 10th grade daughter the opportunities he never had. Washington Middle School Director: […]