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Jame Griffiths, Kathleen Martin, Lisa Spigai: K-1 Inclusion Teachers, Sierra Madre Elementary School

Alison Garfinkel: 8th Grade History/English Teacher, McKinley K-8 School

Priscilla Leon: 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher, San Rafael Elementary School

Mary Barrena: Speech and Language Pathologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Amy Taylor: Early Childhood Psychologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Esther Chun: 3rd Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary School

Commander Stubbe: Senior Naval Science Instructor, Pasadena High School

Felix Lopez: Custodian, Washington Middle School

Gareth Seigel: Teacher for At-Risk Students, CIS Academy

Koko Williams: Counselor, CIS Academy

Eileen Roth: Librarian, Longfellow Elementary School

Christina Diaz: Librarian, Washington Middle School

Kathleen Bautista: K-2 Special Ed Teacher, Don Benito Elementary School

Camille Pierce-Trujillo: Guidance Counselor, Rose City High School

Jannrillynn Burke: Healthy Start Case Manager, Madison Elementary School

Maura Large: Librarian, Eliot Middle School

Whitney Reese: 2nd Grade Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

Melanie Kobiyashi: Special Ed Teacher, Sierra Madre Middle School

Charles Vines: English Teacher, Muir High School

Houry Sevani: 5th Grade Teacher, Webster Elementary School

Ana Rodriguez: Ceramics Teacher, Norma Coombs Elementary School

Roxanne DuBoucheron: Music Specialist, Jefferson Elementary School

Ben Lambert: Chemistry Teacher, Pasadena High School