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Gilbert Barraza

If you want to get on principal Gilbert Barraza’s good side, put away your cell phone! Living by Malcom X’s mantra of “Everything I do today is urgent,” Mr. Barraza is actively involved with his students at Pasadena High School, and strives to lead them towards pursuing a […]

Eric Gothold

Eric Gothold is a musician, theatre guy, and former art teacher. For the last 20 years, “Mr. G” has also been the assistant principal at Washington Middle School, where he works hard to synthesize his administrative responsibilities and artistic inclinations. Washington Middle School Director: Student Director Thai Alanis

Jon Gundry

Jon Gundry is the Superintendent in Pasadena. Running the district is a challenging job, and Superintendent Gundry’s day involves not only supervising the schools, but also dealing with dissent amongst employees and criticism from the community. Pasdena Unified School District Director: Chuck Bowman

Shannon Malone

New principal Shannon Malone believes she can truly make a difference at Cleveland Elementary, where she connects with the students and community, with a focus on personal growth. Cleveland Elementary Director: Student Director Stephanie Aviles

Ramon Miramontes

Outspoken Ramon Miramontes is the only Latino on the Pasadena Board of Education. In a district where 60% of the students are Latino, his native Spanish-speaking skills make him popular with parents. But his blunt, confrontational nature has earned Mr. Miramontes enemies as well. Pasadena Unified School District […]

Frances Weissenberger

Frances Weissenberger, a former teacher, is the principal of Hamilton Elementary School. Ms. Weisenberger knows that once she walks through the doors of her school, anything can happen, and the day she planned on having is rarely ever the day she gets. Hamilton Elementary Director: Student Director Brian […]

Linda Wittry

Linda Wittry is the International Baccalaureate Primary Years coordinator at Willard Elementary School. She likes to spend most of her time in the classroom, where she teaches everything from science and writing to line dancing and guitar. Willard Elementary Director: Student Director Katherine Bradley