Casey Elizabeth Larson (Mentor)

Casey Elizabeth Larson was born in San Jose, California and raised a little south in Gilroy.  She graduated last year from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN.  It was not until her senior year that everything finally clicked and she realized what she wanted to do when she grew up…she wanted to edit!  She loves to bring pieces together to make a picture for others to enjoy.  Granted it took Final Cut Pro shutting down and deleting her entire project for film class at 4 A.M. the night before it was due for her to realize it was a fun experience.

After that her friends, family and mentors encouraged her to apply to graduate programs in film.  It was not her plan for herself, however, when she got those acceptance letters in the spring she realized it was all meant to be.

Now, Casey takes everything that has happened in her life as a learning experience.  She never closes herself off from possibilities because if she had, she would not be in production at the University of Southern California.  When the opportunity came to help out with the PUSD project she jumped at the chance!  Casey has an enormous heart and cares for everyone around her and her goal now is to pay it forward.  She is extremely grateful for all the generosity from her family, friends, mentors, professors, faculty, alumni and fellow students.  Casey looks forward to using her education to entertain families the way she and her family have been entertained and to help other students to achieve their goals in the industry!