Rick Mills

Rick started in Television working as an engineer at network affiliates in Oregon and Tucson Arizona. After establishing himself in the industry he moved to Phoenix and soon found a niche in Production. An opportunity to work on the 1984 Olympics came along and so did a move to Los Angeles where Rick expanded his skills to Post Production.

Rick’s first years in L.A.’s Post Production houses gave him time to get settled and think about a new direction. He moved back into Production, this time specializing in location sound.

“There is that creative dimension to recording sound for picture that when done with care can provide an underlying texture: a foundation for the director to build upon.” – Rick Mills

His work in National News has taken him to interesting and challenging work environments where he has recorded ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. He continues to go where his expertise is needed on location or in studio, recording actors of every stripe as well as presidents, pitchmen and parolees.

Programs Rick has worked on have received Emmys, du Pont’s and Peabody awards. He has earned regard as a Visiting Associate Professor at the UCLA Graduate Film Program.

View Rick’s video here.