Phil Ogden

Since seeing The Love Bug at age seven, Phil has had a passion for the movies. Chasing that dream he studied acting under Deke Anderson in LA landing extra work on shows like “Boy Meets World” and “Charmed.” ¬†Writing and directing ended up being his true passion which bought him back to his hometown of Dinuba. While prepping a digital feature, he met his wife which put the film on hold. Phil, now married eight years, has two beautiful children and farms for his in-laws. Shooting short films, writing scripts, and plays in his spare time, he spends a majority of his time being a husband, dad, and a board member of the Christian Youth Film Festival. He actively serves as a member of Rosedale Bible Church.

My team includes:
Connie Fleishauer – Writer/Producer
Ellen Mayer – DP/Editor
Fredrick Mayer – DP/Post production
Fred Mayer – Producer

View Phil’s video here.