Marina Dominguez

Marina Dominguez is a visual journalist, documentary filmmaker, and editor currently living in Ventura, California. Over the past 4 years Marina’s passion for visual storytelling has flourished and taken her to such places as South America and Asia. Most recently, Dominguez has joined the Doc NOW Media team who’s mission is to create hand crafted visual stories and is also a video editor for In 2011, Dominguez graduated with honors from Brooks Institute where she produced the 2011 Brooks Institute Documentary Project to Vietnam, entitled “From Within.” Dominguez spent seven weeks in Vietnam documenting Thien, a 14 year old girl with Leprosy. Upon their return, Dominguez and three other editors combined the work of 10 students to create a short format multimedia documentary which peers into several different Vietnamese lifestyles. In 2009 Dominguez acted as a Production Editor for “Revelar los Enlaces,” the 2010 Brooks Institute International Documentary Project to Chile. Upon graduation, Dominguez completed an internship at National Public Radio as the Science Desk Multimedia Intern in Washington, D.C., working  on such segments as Krulwich Wonders and Shots.

View Marina’s video here.