Josh Morton

Josh Morton’s cinematography is informed by the depth of his professional experience, which ranges from 16mm political documentary (Mayday, Hurry Tomorrow) to 65mm visual effects (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Brainstorm).

He has photographed several NOVAs for PBS (The Beast of Loch Ness, Daredevils in the Sky) and survived six seasons of Rescue 911. As director/cinematographer he has produced one-hour specials for A&E (Playing with Fire), and The Discovery Channel (A Cup of Courage: The Jockey’s Story), and has worked extensively on The History Channel series A Day in the Life, Unsolved History, and Time Warp. He is currently photographing the long form documentaries One Day at a Time and Pelican Dreams. He is most comfortable in the field, camera on shoulder, anticipating the moment which is about to happen.

Morton received his B.A. in French and his Master of Architecture from Yale University, and as an AFI Cinematography Fellow, he learned to light from George Folsey, ASC. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America, the International Cinematographers Guild, and the Society of Camera Operators.

View Josh’s video here.