Jon Lake

Jon Lake is currently working on a visual journalism degree at the Brooks Institute in Ventura, California.  “Meeting people is always better than just making a photo of someone. The photo simply helps me tell their story to others. That’s what is most important to me; telling peoples stories.”  Lake has found a place for his immense passion for the arts, and photography in particular, at the Brooks Institute in Ventura, Ca. Photography, as well as video, is helping Lake tell the many tales of the interesting people he has met. Lake is greatly looking forward to what these two visual tools can help him create in the growing field of multimedia.  He has worked as both a video editor and as the director of photography on two documentaries in the last year, and plans on keeping focus in all areas of the field of visual journalism. Lake is due to graduate from the Brooks Institute in the fall of 2013, and wishes to continue working as a photojournalist in the Los Angeles area.

View Jon’s video here.