Jeff Lengyl

Jeff Lengyl is an award-winning creator, producer-director of film, television and web entertainment with extensive experience in development and production. A Directing Fellow graduate of the American Film Institute, whose original film, Just For a Laugh with Robin Williams, was recently sold to I-Tunes. With Jackson/McHenry/Warner Productions he developed seven feature film projects including BODYCOUNT for New Line, GUNPOINT for MGM and directed Second Unit on NEW JACK CITY and HOUSE PARTY II.

Jeff served as Director of West Coast Development for National Geographic Film and Television with an emphasis on new media and young markets. He also co-created and/or directed ten original network comedy pilots and series including THE MAN SHOW, TOTALLY RIDICULOUS for UPN, ABSOLUTELY TRUE! for Ch4/UK, INSIDE SCOOP for ABC, PAGES for ABC and BIG DISH COMMUNICATIONS and USA for HBO.

He has worked as a producer/director on over twenty hit reality/alternative shows including SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH, ARREST AND TRIAL, WHEN HIDDEN CAMERAS ATTACK!, LOVE IS IN THE HEIR and SIGHTINGS and produced/directed highly rated History Channel specials, NAVAJO CODE TALKERS, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD and HELL’S ANGELS. As a digital media creative developer with, GENERAL MOTORS, CHEVRON, NRDC, and others he helped develop new strategies for the internet entertainment revolution. He has also worked in public interest advertising using his story and visual skills to develop tough targeted documentary long and short form advocacy with projects like BLOOD MONEY, FIRE AND ICE and THE EARTH IS LOSING, which was the highest rated global climate PSA the Sierra Club ever produced voiced by Ed Asner.

He’s directed and produced corporate advertising for Dreamworks, Fox, Disney, Universal/Wolf and Warner as well as Southern Pacific, Sierra Club, and Cornell Corrections. Six years ago, he was the co-founder of Martini Digital Entertainment, which partnered with Ninja Mobile and AT&T and T-Mobile in JUVEE MOBILE, a nine channel original web/mobile entertainment platform of young male-centric action, comedy, extreme sports and underground commix, music and talk.

Most recently – he helped launch FIRSTLIGHT STORY LAB, for original web series and brand partnership which has attracted the interest and attention of Lionsgate Digital Media and Television. While pursuing a number of film and new series projects including the comedy feature SEX TALK and the action thriller Unit 2-16 with CJ Entertainment and also recently completing directing the pilots for BOOMTOWN USA for A&E and the original comedy web series pilot, IT’S SO L.A currently being screened at Cannes – Jeff, a member of both the Writer’s Guild and Director’s Guild also teaches graduate and undergraduate levels of directing, script development and production as Adjunct Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts.