Jeff Johns

Jeff Johns is an award winning photographer, journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. He has lived and worked in Thailand, the Philippines and Bangladesh, and continues to pursue projects both domestically and abroad. Recently, in early 2012, Johns finished producing his fifth documentary “STIGMA”, which sent a team of two journalists around the world to document the still present plight of leprosy affecting millions of people in almost every country on Earth.
A native of Washington, D.C., Johns attended the Washington Waldorf School for 12 years, an institution to which he attributes a great deal of his creative talents. He went on to study art at the University of Redlands, and in 2010 graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography with a B.A. in Visual Journalism. Along with his B.A., Johns was the recipient of the prestigious “Outstanding Achievement Award” for his work on two international documentary projects as well as his lengthy record as a volunteer after natural disasters worldwide. Jeff is also an alum of the Eddie Adams Barnstorm Workshops.

View Jeff’s video here.