Danielle L. Ross

Danielle is a Pasadena, CA native. Outside of her dreams of wanting to become an Astronaut, she has always loved the cinema and after an impressive five feature films, her love still remains. In her sophomore year of college before taking her first film course, Danielle convinced her roommates and friends to star in and help make her first short film, “C’est la Vie”, a film she wrote and directed about a young woman who discovers she’s pregnant in her final year of college and is tormented by the decision of whether or not to keep the child. After completing her Bachelors degree in Communications, Danielle paid her dues as a PA on a number of big budget studio films and television shows which only left her wanting more. Danielle’s desire to create lead her to decide early in her career to take the independent route. In 2001 she opted, instead of attending film school and pursuing a masters degree, to start her production company Southern Peach Entertainment along with her mother and business partner Stephanie Cunningham. Together they produced and financed the short film “Hindsight” which later on became the feature film “Voyeur In Hindsight”. Danielle credits a willing group of young artists, determination, and the school of hard knocks for her ability to achieve the seemingly impossible. In 2005, Danielle added the credit of Award-Winning Producer to her list of accomplishments with the success of the comedy feature “Ganked”. Her first two directorial debuts, “He Who Finds A Wife” and “Voyeur In Hindsight”, screened at the prestigious Pan African Film & Arts Festival in Los Angeles to sold out audiences in 2007. As a result, in 2010 she took on the challenge of producing the sequel to the fan favorite, “He Who Finds a Wife 2: Thou Shall Not Covet”. Through it all, Danielle has managed to gracefully balances her career as an Independent Filmmaker while working a demanding full-time job in Business Affairs, specifically in high volume media licensing and contract negations which has proven an invaluable asset to producing. In 2011 Danielle dedicated herself to filmmaking full-time. She recently wrapped production on her fifth feature film, the romantic comedy “Back Then” which she wrote, directed, and produced about growing up in her hometown of Pasadena. With these and more works to come Danielle is now answering the call and teaching her proven methods of micro-budget filmmaking to the masses.

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