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Jackelyn Travis: 12th Grader, Marshall School

Teacher Impact:

Brian Travis: PUSD Graduate, Marshall School

Inspiration behind Buddy Club: Starting the Buddy Club: Bridging the Gap between Students and Administrators: Personal History prior to Buddy Club: Personal Grudge with School:

Marilyn Travis: 12th Grader, Marshall School

Experience in Foster Care: Continuing Buddy Club: Applying for College Scholarships: Personal Struggle with School:

Donnetha Wallace: Culinary Arts & Hospitality Academy Teacher, Blair IB School

Exciting Finds at the Grocery Store: Funding for Culinary Arts Academy: Growing Interest in Cooking by Males: Perks of Working at Blair:

Glen Weber: Community Volunteer, San Rafael Elementary School

Explaination of Volunteer Activities: Why Volunteer?:

Jame Griffiths, Kathleen Martin, Lisa Spigai: K-1 Inclusion Teachers, Sierra Madre Elementary School

Teaching a K-1 Inclusion Class: Explaining Special Needs to General Education Students: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover: Benefits of 3 Teachers in One Classroom:

Mary Ting: 7th Grade IB Middle Years Student, Blair IB School

Public Vs. Private School:

Robert Sortino: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Staying and Supporting Your Community: Personal Student Interaction: Educating the Whole Person:

Mike: Custodian, Focus Point Academy

Relating to Students: A Story about a Student:

Shannon Malone: Principal, Cleveland Elementary School

Becoming Principal: Elementary Vs. High School: Importance of Knowing Students Names: Just Like Any Other School: Importance of People:

Michelle Johnson: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Loving on Children with Special Needs: Staying Hopeful:

Bill Lucy: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Social Aspect of Playing Sports: Support for Sports: Students’ Futures: Learning From Other Programs: Students at Focus Point Academy: Quality Teachers:

Marvin Hatchett: Security Guard/Volunteer Choir & Instrumental Music Instructor, Wilson Middle School

After-School Arts Mentorship Program:

Kim Cuadra: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Being Called to Teach EBD Students: Using Incentives to Teach: Personal Calling to Teach EBD Students: Focus Point Academy Community:

James Albanese: Principal, Focus Point Academy

Teaching Students Successfully: The Importance of Being Wanted: Suspending Students: School = Home: Students at Focus Point Academy:

Screening June 13 in Pasadena

The Conscientious Projector film series will be screening the GO PUBLIC feature documentary June 13, 2013 at 7:00pm at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena. Admission is free and open to the public. From the Conscientious Projector announcement: One year ago, 50 small film crews followed […]

Nickella Schlanger: Parent Volunteer, San Rafael Elementary School

Passion for Volunteering and the Arts: Benefit of Other Volunteer Parents:

Priscilla Leon: 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher, San Rafael Elementary School

Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Program: Difficulty of Spanish Immersion Program: Importance of Spanish Immersion Program:

Merissa Shnorhokian: 6th Grade Robotics Student, Wilson Middle School

Praise for Public Education: How to Make Friends in Middle School:

Teri Griffith: Parent of Spanish Immersion Student, San Rafael Elementary School

Praise for Public Education: Disappointment in Public School Gossip: Praise for Public Education: Personal Beliefs About Public School: Importance of Parent Volunteers: Public Schools Benefit All Children!: Cultural Aspects of Spanish Immersion Program: Successful Spanish Immersion Program: Importance of Bilingualism: Values of Spanish Immersion Program:

Corrie Osuna: Mother of Special Needs Student, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Good Experiences with Hodges EIC: Private vs. Public School:

Teri & Jeff Griffith: Parents of Spanish Immersion Student, San Rafael Elementary School

Perks of Spanish Speaking Children: Choosing Spanish Immersion Program:

Alyson Beecher: Principal, San Rafael Elementary School

Significance of Literacy Café: Food and the Literacy Café: Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Program:

Mary Barrena: Speech and Language Pathologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Importance of Team Evaluations: Team at Hodges EIC: Successes of Early Intervention and Therapy:

Alison Garfinkel: 8th Grade History/English Teacher, McKinley K-8 School

Kids Make Teaching Worthwhile:

Frances Weissenberger: Principal, Hamilton Elementary School

Discipline Tactics: Praise for Public Education: Importance of Knowing Students: Importance of Communication:

Merian Stewart: Principal, Washington Middle School

Budget Cuts:

Caroline Bermudez: Principal, Franklin Elementary School

Budget Cuts to Good Teachers!:

Esther Chun: 3rd Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary School

Worthwhile Teaching Moments: Art Project Planning Process: Praise for Public Education: Budget Cuts and Pink Slips:

Eileen Roth: Librarian, Longfellow Elementary School

Unique Public Schools: Budget Cuts: Passion for Being a Librarian:

Koko Williams: Counselor, CIS Academy

Center for Indepent Study Academy (CIS): Importance of CIS Academy:

Gareth Seigel: Teacher for At-Risk Students, CIS Academy

Importance of Alternative Education: Importance of Public Education: Center for Indepent Study Academy (CIS): Passion for Educating:

Amy Taylor: Early Childhood Psychologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Assessing Children: Belief in Special Needs Inclusion:

Gloria Reynolds: Community Volunteer, Altadena Elementary School

Passion for Volunteering and Helping Kids: Importance of Education: Praise for Public Education: Importance of Parents and Teachers: Wonderful Volunteers:

Gilbert Barraza: Principal, Pasadena High School

Importance of Parent Involvement: Raising Up of Students:

Kathleen Bautista: K-2 Special Ed Teacher, Don Benito Elementary School

Teaching Special Needs: Wonderful Classroom Assistants: Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships:

Christina Diaz: Librarian, Washington Middle School

School Blocks on Websites:

Felix Lopez: Custodian, Washington Middle School

Custodial Responsibilities: Belief in Education: Budget Cuts: Personal Education Background: Pride in Students who go to College: Importance of Education: Passion for Being a Custodian: Importance of Clean Facilities:

Linda Wittry: IB Primary Years Coordinator, Willard Elementary School

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB): Budget Cuts:

Commander Stubbe: Senior Naval Science Instructor, Pasadena High School

Passion for Teaching JROTC: JROTC Issues with California PE Policies: Unique JROTC Program: Why Everyone Appreciates JROTC:

Samantha Gale: 11th Grade JROTC Student, Pasadena High School

Praise for Public Education:

Laura Diaz: PEN Worker, Pasadena Education Network

Pasadena Education Network:

Nancy Schwartz: IB Coordinator, Blair High School

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB):

Mrs. Vargas: Mother of 11th Grader, Blair High School

Importance of Financial Donations: Statistics of Rating Schools:

Angelica Vargas: 11th Grade IB Student, Blair High School

Pros and Cons to Public School: Volunteering and Supporting Public Schools:

Jon Gundry: Superintendent, Pasadena Unified School District

Praise for Public Education: High School Career Academies: LESS Federal Control over Education!:

Maura Large: Librarian, Eliot Middle School

Unique School Days: Librarian Schedule: Passion for Educating and Parenting: Budget Cuts:

Burke Large: Husband of Librarian, Eliot Middle School

Libraries and Budget Cuts:

Whitney Reese: 2nd Grade Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

History with Jackson Elementary: Jackson’s Free Lunch Plan: Importance of Yoga: Budget Cuts: Provided School Supplies: Purchasing Supplies: Budget Cuts: Proud to Work in Pasadena: Importance of Art Education: Acting For Students: Public School Furlough Days:

Esmeralda Cerezo: Parent Volunteer, Madison Elementary School

Impacted by Family Center: Impacted by Madison Elementary: Support from Madison Elementary: COME TO MADISON!: Importance of Parent Volunteers: Why She Loves Volunteering: Small Acts of Kindness Matter!: Importance of Teachers:

Camille Pierce-Trujillo: Guidance Counselor, Rose City High School

Different Student Backgrounds:

Jannrillynn Burke: Healthy Start Case Manager, Madison Elementary School

Healthy Start Program:

Sarah Rudchenko: Principal, Wilson Middle School

School Diversity: Teenage Changes: Faculty Influence:

Charles Vines: English Teacher, Muir High School

Praise for Public Education: Benefit of Academy Programs:

Devin Perry: 9th Grade Student, Muir High School

Plans for the Future:

Roxanne DuBoucheron: Music Specialist, Jefferson Elementary School

Purchasing Supplies: Student Diversity: Passion for Job: Wonderful School Community: Budget Cuts: Classroom Routine: Passion for Music Education: Teaching Difficulties: Praise for Public Education: Good Music Program:

Carmen Serrano: Principal, Madison Elementary School

Benefits of Family Center: Importance of Parent Involvement: Importance of Parent Volunteers: Praise for Public Education:

Tamara Mark: Mother of Two Autistic Boys, Sierra Madre Middle School

Difference between her Boys: Struggles when Raising Disabled Children:

Adrienne Lett: Booster Club President, Muir High School

Booster Club: Passion for Volunteering: Importance of Education: Busy Schedule: Passion for Volunteering:

Debbie Lopez: Community Volunteer, Madison Elementary School

Passion for Health and Volunteering: Volunteer Activities: