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World Channel Screens GO PUBLIC!

The feature GO PUBLIC documentary has been airing on Public Television stations for months but there was an unprecedented opportunity for audiences to see the film when the World Channel aired the film on all of their stations in 33 states over a two-week period. The stations airing […]

Tugg Screenings in Pasadena

The first of our Tugg screenings have been scheduled for Pasadena, CA, in December and January. Because these events have a pre-sale threshold in order to book the theater, please buy your tickets as soon as possible. For information on how the Tugg screenings work, please visit our […]

Named Best Documentary at Catalina Film Festival

We are pleased to share that GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District won Best Documentary at the Catalina Film Festival. We are very honored to have received this award.  

Upcoming Screenings This Weekend!

GO PUBLIC will be screening at three different Southern California events the weekend of  Sept. 21 – 22. On Saturday, the film will be shown as part of the Catalina Film Festival. Tickets are available here. At 12:15pm Sunday, there will be a screening and discussion at Lake […]

Education Builds A Lifelong Passion for the Arts

The following guest post was written by  Jennifer Olson, the “My Masterpieces” Program Director at the Pasadena Educational Foundation. The K-6 program worked to integrate arts and humanities with core academic subjects and increase students’ exposure to the arts. At the beginning of this year, I found myself back at […]

Christian Serrano

Christian Serrano is a Pasadena native. At 17 years of age, he is currently enrolled in a couple of IB courses at Blair High School and is a cadet in the Army JROTC program. His love for seeking new opportunities and historical documentaries led him to join the […]

GO PUBLIC: ‘Antidote’ to War on Public Schools

In an Op/Ed piece published on, Dr. Peter Dreier, chair of the Urban and Environmental Policy Department at Occidental College, brings to light the big money behind many well-publicized attacks on public education and offers GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District as “a welcome […]

Screening July 26 in Pasadena

The Conscientious Projector film series will be screening the GO PUBLIC feature documentary July 26, 2013 at 7:00pm at the All Saints Church (downstairs in the Forum) in Pasadena. Admission is free and open to the public, but a $10 per ticket donation is appreciated.  Please register for […]

Jackelyn Travis: 12th Grader, Marshall School

Teacher Impact:

Brian Travis: PUSD Graduate, Marshall School

Inspiration behind Buddy Club: Starting the Buddy Club: Bridging the Gap between Students and Administrators: Personal History prior to Buddy Club: Personal Grudge with School:

Marilyn Travis: 12th Grader, Marshall School

Experience in Foster Care: Continuing Buddy Club: Applying for College Scholarships: Personal Struggle with School:

Donnetha Wallace: Culinary Arts & Hospitality Academy Teacher, Blair IB School

Exciting Finds at the Grocery Store: Funding for Culinary Arts Academy: Growing Interest in Cooking by Males: Perks of Working at Blair:

Glen Weber: Community Volunteer, San Rafael Elementary School

Explaination of Volunteer Activities: Why Volunteer?:

Jame Griffiths, Kathleen Martin, Lisa Spigai: K-1 Inclusion Teachers, Sierra Madre Elementary School

Teaching a K-1 Inclusion Class: Explaining Special Needs to General Education Students: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover: Benefits of 3 Teachers in One Classroom:

Mary Ting: 7th Grade IB Middle Years Student, Blair IB School

Public Vs. Private School:

Robert Sortino: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Staying and Supporting Your Community: Personal Student Interaction: Educating the Whole Person:

Mike: Custodian, Focus Point Academy

Relating to Students: A Story about a Student:

Shannon Malone: Principal, Cleveland Elementary School

Becoming Principal: Elementary Vs. High School: Importance of Knowing Students Names: Just Like Any Other School: Importance of People:

Michelle Johnson: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Loving on Children with Special Needs: Staying Hopeful:

Bill Lucy: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Social Aspect of Playing Sports: Support for Sports: Students’ Futures: Learning From Other Programs: Students at Focus Point Academy: Quality Teachers:

Marvin Hatchett: Security Guard/Volunteer Choir & Instrumental Music Instructor, Wilson Middle School

After-School Arts Mentorship Program:

Kim Cuadra: Teacher, Focus Point Academy

Being Called to Teach EBD Students: Using Incentives to Teach: Personal Calling to Teach EBD Students: Focus Point Academy Community:

James Albanese: Principal, Focus Point Academy

Teaching Students Successfully: The Importance of Being Wanted: Suspending Students: School = Home: Students at Focus Point Academy:

Ralph Beas (Mentor)

Ralph Beas teaches Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, MultiMedia and Photography at San Fernando High School. He loves filmmaking and would like to include more Film/Video into his curriculum.  

Screening June 13 in Pasadena

The Conscientious Projector film series will be screening the GO PUBLIC feature documentary June 13, 2013 at 7:00pm at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena. Admission is free and open to the public. From the Conscientious Projector announcement: One year ago, 50 small film crews followed […]

Katharine Bradley

My name is Katharine Bradley and I’ll be graduating from John Muir High School’s Art’s Entertainment and Media Academy this June. I plan to go to DePaul University to study Theatre Arts. As backwards as it might sound the possibility of a career in film is simply a back […]

One Year Later…

On May 8, 2012  we filmed! On May 8, 2013  we celebrated! GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District  May 8, 2013 7:30PM ArcLight Cinema Paseo Colorado 336 E. Colorado Blvd. 6:00 Pre-Screening Festivities Garfield Plaza at Paseo Meet the 50 Directors and […]

GO PUBLIC Screens at High Falls Film Festival on April 20, 2013

There will be a GO PUBLIC special screening and panel discussion at the High Falls Film Festival in Rochester, NY on Saturday, April 20. GO PUBLIC producers Dawn and Jim O’Keeffe will be in attendance. There will be five shorts from 50 Films shown at the event: Abigail […]

Susan Bloom

Susan Bloom has worked in a variety of positions in the film and television industry in Hollywood, including editor and line producer on theatrically released feature documentaries, as well working in post on network dramas. Her own work has aired on PBS, been written up in Variety and […]

What Drives the GO PUBLIC Team?

I just read an article called “Changing the National Narrative About Public Schools…Next Steps” that provides a great overview of much of what has motivated the GO PUBLIC Project team throughout our journey. In particular, it stresses the importance of public education to all Americans, the need for […]

Merissa Shnorhokian: 6th Grade Robotics Student, Wilson Middle School

Praise for Public Education: How to Make Friends in Middle School:

Alison Garfinkel: 8th Grade History/English Teacher, McKinley K-8 School

Kids Make Teaching Worthwhile:

Alyson Beecher: Principal, San Rafael Elementary School

Significance of Literacy Café: Food and the Literacy Café: Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Program:

Teri & Jeff Griffith: Parents of Spanish Immersion Student, San Rafael Elementary School

Perks of Spanish Speaking Children: Choosing Spanish Immersion Program:

Nickella Schlanger: Parent Volunteer, San Rafael Elementary School

Passion for Volunteering and the Arts: Benefit of Other Volunteer Parents:

Priscilla Leon: 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher, San Rafael Elementary School

Spanish Dual-Language Immersion Program: Difficulty of Spanish Immersion Program: Importance of Spanish Immersion Program:

Teri Griffith: Parent of Spanish Immersion Student, San Rafael Elementary School

Praise for Public Education: Disappointment in Public School Gossip: Praise for Public Education: Personal Beliefs About Public School: Importance of Parent Volunteers: Public Schools Benefit All Children!: Cultural Aspects of Spanish Immersion Program: Successful Spanish Immersion Program: Importance of Bilingualism: Values of Spanish Immersion Program:

Corrie Osuna: Mother of Special Needs Student, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Good Experiences with Hodges EIC: Private vs. Public School:

Mary Barrena: Speech and Language Pathologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Importance of Team Evaluations: Team at Hodges EIC: Successes of Early Intervention and Therapy:

Gareth Seigel: Teacher for At-Risk Students, CIS Academy

Importance of Alternative Education: Importance of Public Education: Center for Indepent Study Academy (CIS): Passion for Educating:

Koko Williams: Counselor, CIS Academy

Center for Indepent Study Academy (CIS): Importance of CIS Academy:

Christina Diaz: Librarian, Washington Middle School

School Blocks on Websites:

Felix Lopez: Custodian, Washington Middle School

Custodial Responsibilities: Belief in Education: Budget Cuts: Personal Education Background: Pride in Students who go to College: Importance of Education: Passion for Being a Custodian: Importance of Clean Facilities:

Merian Stewart: Principal, Washington Middle School

Budget Cuts:

Amy Taylor: Early Childhood Psychologist, Hodges Early Intervention Center

Assessing Children: Belief in Special Needs Inclusion:

Kathleen Bautista: K-2 Special Ed Teacher, Don Benito Elementary School

Teaching Special Needs: Wonderful Classroom Assistants: Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships:

Gilbert Barraza: Principal, Pasadena High School

Importance of Parent Involvement: Raising Up of Students:

Gloria Reynolds: Community Volunteer, Altadena Elementary School

Passion for Volunteering and Helping Kids: Importance of Education: Praise for Public Education: Importance of Parents and Teachers: Wonderful Volunteers:

Caroline Bermudez: Principal, Franklin Elementary School

Budget Cuts to Good Teachers!:

Esther Chun: 3rd Grade Teacher, Franklin Elementary School

Worthwhile Teaching Moments: Art Project Planning Process: Praise for Public Education: Budget Cuts and Pink Slips:

Frances Weissenberger: Principal, Hamilton Elementary School

Discipline Tactics: Praise for Public Education: Importance of Knowing Students: Importance of Communication:

Eileen Roth: Librarian, Longfellow Elementary School

Unique Public Schools: Budget Cuts: Passion for Being a Librarian:

Commander Stubbe: Senior Naval Science Instructor, Pasadena High School

Passion for Teaching JROTC: JROTC Issues with California PE Policies: Unique JROTC Program: Why Everyone Appreciates JROTC:

Samantha Gale: 11th Grade JROTC Student, Pasadena High School

Praise for Public Education:

Linda Wittry: IB Primary Years Coordinator, Willard Elementary School

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB): Budget Cuts:

Esmeralda Cerezo: Parent Volunteer, Madison Elementary School

Impacted by Family Center: Impacted by Madison Elementary: Support from Madison Elementary: COME TO MADISON!: Importance of Parent Volunteers: Why She Loves Volunteering: Small Acts of Kindness Matter!: Importance of Teachers:

Jannrillynn Burke: Healthy Start Case Manager, Madison Elementary School

Healthy Start Program:

Laura Diaz: PEN Worker, Pasadena Education Network

Pasadena Education Network:

Camille Pierce-Trujillo: Guidance Counselor, Rose City High School

Different Student Backgrounds:

Whitney Reese: 2nd Grade Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

History with Jackson Elementary: Jackson’s Free Lunch Plan: Importance of Yoga: Budget Cuts: Provided School Supplies: Purchasing Supplies: Budget Cuts: Proud to Work in Pasadena: Importance of Art Education: Acting For Students: Public School Furlough Days: